Cosmetic Dentist in Upper Manhattan

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Do you find yourself holding back your smile in photographs or when you meet new people? Our cosmetic dentist in Upper Manhattan can mask dental imperfections to transform the look of your teeth with porcelain veneers, to help you smile with the utmost confidence. At GD Dentistry, we tailor your smile makeover to meet your individual needs, making the smile of your dreams a reality.

How you feel about your smile affects your overall sense of confidence and outlook on life. With porcelain veneers, there is no reason to feel self-conscious about your smile any longer. Treatment begins with a smile makeover consultation, giving you the opportunity to discuss your aesthetic goals with our highly skilled cosmetic dentist in Upper Manhattan. We will also provide a comprehensive examination to determine if veneers are right for you, or if a different approach to treatment would achieve better results. If your teeth are chipped, misaligned, discolored or too small, we may recommend treatment with porcelain veneers.  As a first step in care our cosmetic dentist will take an accurate set of diagnostic records to design your veneers for optimal aesthetic results and a precise fit. Our laboratory will then fabricate your veneers using the highest quality dental grade porcelain; this durable, stain-resistant material captures and reflects light to recreate the natural translucency of healthy tooth enamel. The ultra-thin veneers are then bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth to improve their size, shape, color and overall appearance. Once they’re in place, caring for your veneers is as easy as brushing, flossing and visiting our office for periodic checkups; by maintaining excellent oral hgyiene, your veneers can last for years to come.

Our cosmetic dentist in Upper Manhattan skillfully combines the art and science of dentistry to enhance the appearance of your smile. At GD Dentistry, we value your input and strive to give you your ideal smile. To learn more or to schedule a smile makeover consultation, call today.

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